Search Engine Optimization - A No-Nonsense Guide To Improving Your Website

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The hard part is sifting through and figuring out which one to use. Personally, as an entrepreneur and startup founder, I lean to towards free options as much as possible. When I decide to purchase, I try to maximize the utility gained my econ professors would be proud per dollar spent on each tool. Basically, I want to get as much as I can for as cheap as I can. SEO is the process of improving the quality of content and functionality of a website in order to increase website traffic from search engines.

Tracking Data, Testing hypotheses , and analyzing the data. SEO is the optimization of a website in order to drive traffic through search engines. SEO is free. The tools you use to gather and analyze data typically have free tiers as well.

This is why SEO gained so much momentum over the last decade. SEO is the optimization of a site so that it ranks higher on search engine result pages and drives more traffic to the website. Read this article about starting an SEO strategy from scratch 4. Go through the rest of this list and jump around to see what makes the most sense for you. At different levels of development different people and different content are going to make sense for you.

SEM, search engine marketing, is the use of paid tactics to acquire website traffic via search engines. SEO is the use of unpaid tactics to acquire website traffic via search engines. He's obsessed with behavioral economics, neuroscience, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

The No Nonsense Guide To SEO For E-commerce Stores

What is this Search Engine Optimization resource guide? Authority links help you build instant brand awareness and social proof.

If you are a new startup and your potential customers see that Forbes and Inc. Think of authority links like stepping blocks. Once you build a foundation, it allows you to secure more easily and keep scaling that branding and awareness. If we are pitching a client to a writer as Fast Company and they visit the website and see the company has already been featured on Forbes and Inc.

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The days of link packages are over. If you are buying blog comment links and 40, Scrapebox link blasts you are in trouble. I always suggest buying authority links over anything else, and not just for the SERP boost. Here are several other reasons why these links should be your main focus:.

Meet the Author

While the majority of our clients are buying links to push them up in the SERPs we occasionally have clients that come to us simply because they want to be able to brag about being on Forbes. They use this in their marketing as leverage.

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We have some clients that only run paid media through Facebook and AdWords and they want to get featured on authority sites so they can use it as visual authority in the ads. SO, build links for the SEO boost, but also to make your company more appealing.

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Back in the day, SEO agencies were just firing a bunch of link packages at websites, hoping to crack the algorithm. I promise you that a handful of authority links can rank a website. It comes down to the authority. Google will weigh the authority links heavily, convincing their algorithm that your website is a trustworthy source of information. When your on-site optimization is strong with meaty content, you will rank with a small handful of the right links. Building authority links also acts as a safety net down the road.

You will never please everyone and if you pack the SERP results with your own social profiles and mentions on mega sites like Forbes, it will keep any future negative information off the first page. If done right, you will see a lot of the readers click over to see what the link is referencing. Most people want links for SEO, but guess what?

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  • You can drive sales and make money just on the referral traffic alone. When you start to expand your thinking to really understand how link work, you will make better decisions and focus only on authority links. Build authority links with random anchors. If you create webpages that are properly optimized on-site, a handful of authority links can make it rank, without any exact match anchor text.

    This is another reason content is important. Google loves meaty content, so work in your keyword throughout a 2, word blog post, using several long-tail variations and then aim some juicy links at the page. The very first organic result comes from Entrepreneur. Because Google views this as an authority source that is more trustworthy than other options out there. Out of 25,, results, Google has ranked this article as the most informative and helpful.

    The more websites like this that link to you, the more authority Google will assign to your website. Stop believing the bullshit that is constantly spewed within the SEO industry. I can promise you that the same SEO gurus that say all you need to do is publish content for links to come in are the same people behind the scenes orchestrating link selling operations.

    Most are spineless and have no problem lying to their followers. You need a mix of content and links, as I described above. This will allow you to build an SEO strategy that will get you results in the SERPs and not just a blog packed with content and no traffic. If you have any questions about content marketing or link building, drop them in the comments below and I will do my best to help clear anything up. Thanks for reading, and if you appreciate my no BS approach, please give this post a share on social media.

    What do I mean? Why Build Quality Links? Brand Reputation: Why do you think that authority links are a hot commodity in the reputation management world? Because content on these websites rank high in the SERPs. If someone has a lot of bad press, authority websites can be used to fill the first page with interviews and mentions by Forbes, Inc. Referral Traffic: Referral traffic is a by-product of securing links on authority websites.

    Websites like Huffington Post, Forbes and Inc.

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    Want to know how to get around this and rank without spammy exact match anchors? About Latest Posts.