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For bookings and details Contact Mel Sydney Showground will play host to four days of competition, entertainment, education and exhibition. The transformation will include seating for over 6,, stables and yards, accommodating nearly 1, horses and head of cattle, cubic metres of sawdust and tonnes of soil. Charlie has been backed and is currently being ridden out and going very well. He is a lovely young horse who will make a wonderful riding horse when fully mature.

Needs a knowledgeable rider who can take him thru to his full potential. He has been foal imprinted, is great to catch, has regularly had his feet trimmed, and been allowed to grow into an awesome young horse, in tough but fertile large paddocks in a natural herd situation. He has been backed by experienced handler using PNH methods, however he has also been mouthed and is currently being ridden in a bridle so that he has a rounded introduction to the world of riding, this has included bush trails, stockwork, riding out in company and on his own. Although still green and immature he is more impressive with every ride, and needs someone to take him quietly and positively forward until such time as he is ready for harder work.

For further enquiries contact Tara on 63 Newsletter — November Anyway look at the picture attached, he has never been so forward and happy and is jumping much better than I have ever seen him jump. To be honest I always felt a bit guilty with him still having to tolerate the bit but am over the moon now. I am absolutely loving the leather bridles and we use the rope one for the beach now. Kate in WA Read more feedback on the bridles here. Automatic Hay Feeders These automated hay feeders for your horses have doors that automatically open and close at your preset times.

A good way to restrict the hay to certain times of the day, for eg. If you can afford multiples, it could be a way to keep your horses moving around to find their hay. His sentence? Skeletal Maturity guides starting young horses The timing and rate of skeletal maturation in horses by Dr Deb Bennett is a an eye opening guide to help you choose the best time to start your young horse if you want a horse that stays sound and working into its advanced years. In this in depth article, Dr Bennett explains why riding a horse as a 2yo for any length of time, is goign to damage them permanently.

Find out more by reading this article here.

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Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for your mailing list. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Inspiring Horsemanship There are so many amazing horsemen out there showing us what a real relationship with the horse can achieve — if you have something to share please email it to me.

Aussie News The fate of some 5, wild horses at the Lake Gregory station in the Kimberly region of West Australia has hung in the balance since May this year. Bitless News Bitless Buddies : Do you want to connect with like minded bitless riders? Product News Jayne and Stuart Myers have been busy writing a whole series of information booklets on all aspects of Sustainable Horsekeeping.

Health News 12 Tips to help your horse survive the laminitis season. Restrict access to grass — too much grass is the number one cause of laminitis. Keep your horses in a herd so they move more around the track. Photo: Maestro when I first found him. Too weak to be angry.

Sam will be on 1A, Sascha on the Multi-level. January 25th — 29th Level one liberty course. This is for people who have never done a liberty course with us.

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The pre-requisite is to have attended a Challenge 1A course — at least — both the rider and the horse. For more info email Karen Lockwood pklocky activ8. Anybody wanting to view items or sell items may do so via appointment only. Classified Adds are free if you send them in the body of an email and if you have a photo it must be under kb in size. Please submit them before the 10th of each month for publication.

Email Cynthia. News from Cynthia. This past month sure has been busy getting ready for Equitana. Photos- Nelly and Diego share a carrot after practicing their inspirational performance for Equitana — see them at 6. Below: Annie and TC play ball. The final practice for the Bitless Riding presentations went well so I hope lots of people come to see the results on Thursday at 3pm in the John Deere demo arena, and on Friday at 10am in the Epsom Demo arena 2.

Photo below: Nadia and Diego. The Natural Horse World booth in the Epsom pavillion — on the back wall near demo arena 2 will have almost all the products from my store and a few more such as Renegade boots on display. Jayne will be endorsing products and services and answering questions about her program of Natural Horsemanship with Heart. Thanks in advance to my helpers coming with me too — my mum Marian , Saskia and Scilla. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it — if not, then there will lots of pics and news in the December newsletter to let you know how it all went.

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It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. Karen and Bluey play with the big green ball and below, Paul gets Tiny to accept the big monster too. These videos appeared in the Parelli Savvy Club Newsletter but can be viewed by anyone. You can watch for free, lots of entertaining horse stuff at Parelli Tube. This horse has a serious play drive and would be lots of fun.

New Article. Spare a thought for the average racehorse — by Cynthia Cooper.

Considering the Horse

While not all racehorses are treated badly, I worked in the industry for long enough to see many cases where they were, and those cases are what motivated me to write this article. Recently we had Melbourne Cup Day where the whole of Australia comes to a standstill at about 3pm to listen to, watch and cheer on the elite of the horseracing world.

A huge amount of money will be won or lost, and the government will be happy about the revenue racing returns. For me, this day is a reminder of the suffering racehorses in general have to endure every day they are in training. While the Melbourne Cup runners are being treated like royalty, the average racehorse back at the stables is facing another day of boredom, lack of exercise and lack of roughage in their diet.

Read more here …. There were some fantastic entries making the choice difficult for the judges, who all came up with different choices. The criteria considered was corre ct fit of the bridle, general apeal overall the message the photo gave. It was great to work with people so motivated to improve the relationship with their horse by going bitless. Everyone got to borrow a LightRider Bitless Bridle to try out and what a change most of them saw a the end of the day. Horses that previously snatched at the bit, tossed their heads and fought the bit, were calmly controlled even when they tested their riders during periods of seperation anxiety.

Learning how to control the horse through the hindquarter yield and removing the bit certainly made a big difference. Thanks to Christine for organising it all and I look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year. Photo by Larissa : Kathy Smith and Buster test out some obstacles. Want to hold a Bitless Riding Workshop in your area?

In the workshops I explain how to select, fit and use a bitless bridle, focusing on being safe and able to control your horse with your leg, seat and rein combined. Bridles will be available to try out and purchase at these workshops. The minimum number of riders required is six and maximum is I am now taking bookings for workshops so email me if you are interested in organising one for your area.

The Horseshoof. Kerry Ridgway of www. Ridgway will be discussing one of his passions over the past 20 years which has been the problem of High Heel, Low Heel syndrome and its many ramifications for the horse, for the farrier and the rider. Ridgway joins an exceptional team of speakers through the four days of conference.

For bookings — visit www. Barefoot Trimming Workshops Coming up: Learn how to trim your own horse at a one day workshop.

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See Events News for more info. You can see these at www. Barrister Bronwyn Hartigan argued for a good behaviour bond and Magistrate Athol Kennedy, after lengthy consideration, imposed a two-month jail term, suspended for 15 months. Hugh Meixner, a Texan who migrated on a visa in to work horses, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after the incident on July 9 when the mare was taken from Byerwen Station, Newlands, to Charters Towers, a km trip.

He said Meixner was drunk when he dropped off the horse and had been drinking since he left Collinsville. Book Reviews — some great Christmas gift ideas. Mary Benson and Hedy Strauss bring us an exceptional anthology that describes the countless ways in which these unusual creatures have enriched our lives. Another cluster reminds us how horses have served throughout history, in city streets and country fields, on police patrol or cutting cattle. Whether it is preserving wild mustang heritage or saving horses from slaughter, both women are passionate advocates for animal welfare.

Visit Mary and Hedy at www. Upton: www. In Mares! Each of the fifty stories has one thing in common — they are an inspired tribute to the elusive Mare. The book is also about women, and the essence of being female is an interwoven theme. The original true stories, written by 38 different mare owners, enlighten and entertain while introducing us to the seeming paradoxical nature of mares — from stubborn to loving to dangerous to protective and loyal.

Helen Farley sticks with her little bay Abby, despite repeated admonishments about mares being no good, in the touching Kindred Females. This book acknowledges the unexplainable moments present in the lives of horse owners and encourages us to find God at work even in more difficult situations. Some of the stories are completely zany and others touch on profound sorrow, yet lessons of love and hope show up in each tender tale, alongside practical tips for handling your mare. She writes a monthly column for the Illinois Horse Network newspaper.


Her website, www. As it often does it started with a phone call from a rather stressed lady. About a pony they had rescued from being abandoned. Although the family had horses?.

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A skinny, bloated wormy bellied , hairy , dirty, lice and tick ridden, scabby, wounded, long toed Shetland. So run down and unresponsive his head low ,no energy emerged from the float. He as it turns out has been like this for a good year. Yellow sulphur was applied after a close inspection. Next day Caroline and I started the task to trim his fluff. Hoping to leave some coverage. Every single section of hairy body was infested with feeding lice and then there was at least 4 generations waiting in the ranks for their turn. Ticks were abundant. In the meantime my youngest daughter Monica had given him a name.

Scabs and wounds attended too. Feet trimmed. He was adorable he stood and put up with it all, I like to think Knowing we were trying to help him. A full sized woolly neck rug almost covered him from his neck to his little none stub of a tail. A doona cut out to shape for the night air. He did look the part. After the death of my husband and main support on my casual wage I could not afford all the medicated items he would need and rugs etc. Borrowed rugs come from Nadine, Bronwyn from saddle world Devonport sent up a winter combo for him, Claudette bought him a summer.

Claire bought up a wormer and quit itch. Tamara bought him towels, oil and mineral block, Vicki sent him a neck rug and bits. I started his hard feed and telling him how very much he was loved by so many. Not that he really cares I think that is after all a human emotion. But hey J It made me feel better. He has yet to have his teeth done as I suspect he has never had them done. But as bald as he is and rather funny looking with no mane and tail his wounds are healing , scabs are brushing off, he is at least holding his head a little higher and calls out to me with energy.

He canters in the paddock with Astral.

Horse/Rider Training

Is why the passion for what I do is the reason I am here. After the loss of my husband I had given up hope of ever continuing with the horses. Not able to take on the strays and unwanted. On a causal wage it is too hard. I just want to thank everyone for their words and support over the last few months.

Too many to list.

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  • And my two girls who are my life and my treasures for their support. Ruth Tanner can be contacted via www. W and Victoria. Related titles:. For institutional orders, please contact sales wageningenacademic. Recommend this book to a librarian. Editors C. Vial and R. The new equine economy in the 21st century. Description Table of Content Full-text From the time they became domesticated, horses have fulfilled roles imposed by human societies. Keywords: equine economy , horses , equine world.

    His former Toowoomba Souths Tigers rugby league coach Jason Schmidt suggested he look at training greyhounds as a way of staying involved in the racing industry. But in her first start for Sommerfield at Ipswich on November 17, , Anti Amigo led all the way to win a m maiden. It was her first run for me, so I had no real expectations, but she flew the lids and just kept going.

    They make such loveable, loyal pets. The latest addition to his kennels is Smart Shirl, who recorded back-to-back wins over m at Albion Park recently. Sommerfield conceded he was sceptical of the greyhound industry after the stigma of the live baiting scandal of , which threatened to shut down the sport. But he has seen no evidence of malpractice. While Sommerfield is new to ownership in the racing industry, Jake Turpin was born and bred into harness racing circles.

    His parents Tony and Karen Turpin are household names in the industry with Tony a successful trainer-driver, having worked with the legendary Kevin Thomas for many years, before handing the reins to daughter Chantal Turpin, one half of the all-powerful Turpin-Pete McMullen harness racing team. I was over the moon. While his family is steeped in harness racing, Jake has branched out with a professional career in rugby league. After representing Queensland as hooker and halfback in Under 18s in a curtain-raiser to State of Origin in , Jake was recruited by Melbourne Storm.