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Anyway, he took out a roll of money that must have been that high. My eyes got big. That was my money. The jukebox stopped, the pool balls stopped. Every fucking thing stopped. He had on a gray suit and a maroon tie, with a gray overcoat and flower in the lapel. I never seen nothing that looked like him. He was another species altogether.

I can beat anybody. And I wasted him. Icepick Red never got a goddamn shot. Bumpy sat there, watching. But something told me I better keep my damn mouth shut. I got in the car.

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A long Caddy. First we stopped at a clothing store — he picked out a bunch of stuff for me. Suits, ties, slacks. Nice stuff. Then we drove to where he was living, on Mount Morris Park. He took me into his front room, said I should clean myself up, sleep there that night. The gangsters stopped fucking with me.

The cops stopped fucking with me. He showed me the ropes — how to collect, to figure the vig. Back then, if you wanted to do business in Harlem, you paid Bumpy or you died. Extortion, I guess you could call it. Everyone had to pay — except the mom-and-pop stores. With Bumpy, Frank caught a glimpse of the big time. Frank accompanied Bumpy to Cuba to see Lucky Luciano. What could I say? Billy Daniels, the singer, might have been there.

Chuck Berry - Brown Eyed Handsome Man (1957)

Maybe Cockeye Johnny, J. There was always a crowd around, wanting to talk to him. Bumpy just started shaking and fell over. Bumpy had been the link back to the wild days of people like Madame St. Clair, the French-speaking Queen of Policy, and rackets wizard Casper Holstein, who reportedly aided the careers of Harlem Renaissance writers. Bumpy believed in that share-the-wealth. I was a different sonofabitch.

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I wanted all the money for myself … Harlem was boring to me then. Numbers, protection, those little pieces of paper flying out of your pocket. I wanted adventure. I wanted to see the world.

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First he locks himself in a room, preferably in a hotel in Puerto Rico, shuts off the phone, pulls down the blinds, has his meals delivered, and does not speak to a soul for a couple of weeks. Because the war was on, and people were talking about GIs getting strung out over there. I knew if the shit is good enough to string out GIs, then I can make myself a killing.

Lucas, traveling alone, had never been to Southeast Asia, but he felt confident. You see, I never went to school even for a day, but I got a Ph. Offering ham hocks and collard greens on the first floor and a wide array of hookers and dope connections on the second, the Soul Bar, as Frank calls it, was run by the former U. Lucas soon located his main overseas connection, an English-speaking, Rolls-Royce-driving Chinese gentleman who went by the sobriquet I might have been on every damn river in the Golden Triangle.

When they saw me, they stopped dead. But the journey was not without problems.

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Then guess what happened? Those motherfuckers came right out of the trees. Trying to steal our shit. Those sonofabitches were good. They fought like hell. Guys were dropping. You see a lot of dead shit in there, man, like a month and a half of nightmares.

I think I ate a damn dog. I was in bad shape, crazy with fever. Then people were talking about tigers. I figured, that does it.


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What a fucking epitaph … But we got back alive. Lost half my dope, but I was still alive. It is a fabulous cartoon, an image to take its place in the easy-riding annals of the American dope pusher — the Superfly in his Botany sportswear down in the malarial muck, clutching his keys, Sierra Madre -style, bullets whizzing overhead.

Bet your life on that.

A brown eyed handsome man free read

What really happened, he says, was that he and Ike flew a country-boy North Carolina carpenter over to Bangkok. He was on a mercy mission on account of big cyclones in Bangladesh. This neighborhood is dying out. There was tons of money up in Harlem in , — if you knew how to get it. Shit, those were the heydays. The grotty th Street operation was left in the hands of trusted lieutenants.

For their part in the scheme, Chemical Bank would eventually plead guilty to misdemeanor violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. Once I had to go behind the counter myself. We did a scene with me chasing Lloyd, shooting out the window of a Mercedes on the West Side Highway. I put 70, 80 grand into the movie. It was real fun. Never finished, the footage missing, The Ripoff qualifies as the Great Lost Film of the blaxploitation genre. An uptown Cosa Nostra. The Five Families of Dope.

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Nicky fucking Barnes! Always liked Colombia. But I had my heart set on getting a jet plane … there was always something. To bolster his claim, he cites passing a federally administered polygraph test on the matter. Gino Gallina, however, was the only lawyer Lucas ever physically assaulted, the incident occurring in the visiting room of the Rikers Island prison. This followed the previous decision by U. Still, it was hard to let it go. How was I supposed to explain how he wound up serving less than nine years? I was always playing games with them. Go back and look — I never, ever testified against anyone in court.

Not once. Walking and talking — when I could have, should have, been dead and buried a hundred times. And you know why that is? People like the fuck out of me. That much was apparent when I went to the Eastern District federal court to see Judge Sterling Johnson, the former narcotics prosecutor instrumental in putting the Country Boy behind bars. Johnson greeted me with a burnished dignity befitting a highly respected public official. When I mentioned the name Frank Lucas, Johnson became notably more familiar. Is that mother still living?!

Lucas answered with his usual growl. Johnson mentioned a name, someone apparently dead, likely snuffed by a Country Boy or two. Who gave you this number? You dog! You still got that stick? You know you did it. In his sick way, he really did something. You should never forget who these people really are. But what are you going to do? The guy was a pisser. A pisser and a killer. Easy to like. A lot of those guys were like that. It is an old problem. A couple of days later, eating at a T.

A giant Home Depot down the road especially bugged him. Go in and ask to see the assistant manager? This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Arrested on charges of unemployment, He was sitting in the witness stand The judge's wife called up the district attorney Said you free that brown eyed man You want your job you better free that brown eyed man Flying across the desert in a twa, I saw a woman walking across the sand She been a-walkin' thirty miles en route to bombay.

To get a brown eyed handsome man Her destination was a brown eyed handsome man Way back in history three thousand years Back every since the world began There's been a whole lot of good women shed a tear For a brown eyed handsome man That's what the trouble was brown eyed handsome man Beautiful daughter couldn't make up her mind Between a doctor and a lawyer man Her mother told her daughter go out and find yourself A brown eyed handsome man That's what your daddy is a brown eyed handsome man Milo Venus was a beautiful lass She had the world in the palm of her hand But she lost both her arms in a wrestling match To get brown eyed handsome man She fought and won herself a brown eyed handsome man Two, three count with nobody on He hit a high fly into the stand Rounding third he was headed for home It was a brown eyed handsome man That won the game; it was a brown eyed handsome.

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